4 Reasons Not To Squeeze Blackheads

4 Reasons Not To Squeeze Blackheads

I have been there, you catch a glimpse of your pores in a magnifying mirror and you can visibly see blackheads on your nose, cheeks, upper lip. 

What initially seems like a harmless act could be risking lasting and harmful skin issues by trying to remove blackheads with your fingers.


Read our three major reasons why you should practice good skin care habits instead of picking at your skin. With it looking unlikely to visit a dermatologist for the foreseeable future, Silky Bae has got you covered.

1. Not All Blackheads Can Be Removed 

Blackheads can be fairly resilient and hard to remove. Attempts to remove your blackheads with your hands could firstly prove unsuccessful, but you could cause further skin irritation by more bacteria seeping inside the blemish, potentially causing cysts, which could then enlarge your pores!



2. Oil & Bacteria Can Cause More Blackheads

Bacteria is embedded within the blackhead and when you expel the blackhead it also releases bacteria which can affect the surrounding pores. It may cause further blackheads down the line. Even if you managed to remove this one blackhead you might be causing more to form by squeezing. Forcing the contents of the gland deeper and causing scarring. 


3. Squeezing Your Skin Can Leave Permanent Dark Spots

Squeezing your skin and applying pressure can really irritate your skin. It can cause inflammation in the area where you tried to remove the blackhead and also leave scarring. Occasionally the tissue surrounding the blackhead can also develop dark spots due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. A blackhead is temporary but scarring and dark spots can be permanent.


4. Your pores can become larger.

Though picking your blackheads can be relaxing for some and very gratifying, it can cause more damage to your skin than it's worth.

Picking blackheads can cause an even larger pores when picking and squeezing blackheads it is likely to introduce more bacteria to the area which will cause the pore to grown larger! 



Extra Tip! Choose Your Skincare Items Wisely!


Ensure that you have chosen products that have been purified and standardized. There are many at home recipes which can be quite dangerous. Ingredients such as salt, sugar, lemon juice and baking soda or an old favourite toothpaste on spots include ingredients with a very different pH than that of skin.



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