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Silky Bae Glamour Mirror & Free BaeVac

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  •  FREE BaeVac (RRP £49.99)


Achieve flawless makeup looks with perfect lighting from the Silky Bae LED bulb Hollywood Mirror.

Silky Bae's vanity mirror has 14 LED bulbs framing the top and sides of the mirror, so that whether you want to apply your makeup or carry out your skin care routine, it will look incredible.

The Glamour mirror fits neatly atop a dressing table and comes complete with a touch screen dimmer at the base of the mirror, allowing you to adjust the level of brightness to suit the lighting in your home or time of day.

Silky Bae's vanity mirror uses a USB plug for power and despite it's stunning looks is deceptively easy to move.


 How many bulbs does the vanity mirror have?

This mirror has 14 bulbs.

How are the bulbs lit?

The mirror comes with a USB cable which you can plug into a phone charge or USB port to power the mirror.

How long do the bulbs last?

Depending on use, the bulbs last up to 5 years before changing is required.

How many light settings does it have?

The mirror has 3 different light settings.

Can you tilt the mirror?

No, the mirror is in a fixed position and is mounted on a stand.

Can you mount the mirror on a wall?

No, the mirror comes with a built in stand.

Can you replace the bulbs?

Yes you can.

Features & Benefits

14 LED Bulbs

Touch sensitive screen light adjustment with 3 colour options (warm light, daylight & warm daylight)

Powered by USB to connect to 3 pin mains plug

Dimensions 50 x 40 x 10 cm

Base material is iron


Please allow 5 working days for delivery of Glamour Mirror

Delivery options include Hermes Tracked or UK Mail


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Worth your coins!

Absolutely love this mirror! It’s nice and sturdy, really great quality & the quality of the lights are amazing. It goes nice and bright then dims really well too. I also wasn’t expecting the free gifts do that was a bonus!


Received and set up my Mirror and it’s perfect. The quality is amazing and highly recommend. Exactly what I was looking for. Extra bonus it comes with 2 free gifts. Thank you Silky Bae


I absolutely love this product. It does exactly what it says, is exceptional quality, came with free gifts and the service was impeccable. I genuinely couldn’t recommend it strongly enough.

Vanity Mirror

I returned the Mirror as it was smaller than I expected, was willing to purchase a bigger one but unfortunately wasn’t in stock . The communication between myself and customer service has been excellent , prompt replies and very help full . Just awaiting for them to receive back and then they will refund.

5 star

It's amazing 👏, thank you for showing us wonderful work u guys have.
also received 2 free goodies which was so lovely.
Would 💯 recommend xx
Thank you silkybae😊

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