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Glamour Beauty Fridge

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Glamour Beauty Fridge

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Add this stylish Beauty Fridge from Silky Bae to your dressing table today. The Beauty Fridge from Silky Bae will keep your skincare products and makeup fresher for longer. Extended shelf life will reduce the growth of harmful bacteria on your products. The beauty fridge from Silky Bae doubles up as a miniature vanity mirror with light to apply your makeup and skincare products.
  • Face of Beauty Fridge is a touch screen mirror
  • Removable middle and door shelves
  • Cools products up to 20 degrees below room temperature
  • Can hold up to 4 litres
  • Includes 2 x 220v leads (1 UK, 1 EU)
  • Please note: products shown inside fridge are not included 
  • Product is non-returnable for hygiene reasons

Internal size: 14.5*15.5*24CM
External size: 19.5*26 28CM
Voltage: 12V car / 220V home
Net weight (KG): 3KG
Rated power: 48W
Minimum refrigeration temperature: about 22℃-25℃ lower than the ambient temperature
Maximum heating temperature: maximum heating 65℃

Why should I buy a beauty fridge, can't I just put my products in the fridge in the kitchen?

They're actually better than your kitchen fridge because they're small enough to keep in your bedroom or bathroom, they're slightly warmer in temperature, as the optimum temperature for preserving food is lower than that for cosmetic products and they won’t make your products smell like last night's leftovers.

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